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Contacts:Mr Wu
The phone:0517-87110900
A mobile phone:13915155178
Address:China Jiangsu Hongze county Daqing road commercial streetC005Number
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   Huai salt chemical co., LTD., established in anda force2009Years,The company is located in the nation's largest sodium sulphate(Anhydrous sodium sulfate)Origin--Huaian, jiangsu province, China,Offices located in daqing division county road commercial street,Located in the town of Zhao Ji industrial clusters production warehouse。   Company is mainly engaged in huaian mineral sodium sulphate、Huaian industrial salt:With silver beads sodium sulphate、The south wind ship the CARDSSodium sulphate、嘉裕牌Sodium sulphate,Salt in salt industry、Brand industrial salt products,The development and production60Large granular sodium sulphate、250Ultra fine sodium sulphate, etc in the high-end products。    Our aim is to deepen product development,To expand product supply capacity at the same time,Constantly improve the service quality,To expand the market by the quality,By the good faith to seek development,Will try my company's largest could meet the requirements of customers,To provide you with accurate price of sodium sulphate,Price of industrial salt,To achieve the common development of win-win situation。  Warmly welcome your guidance and support! 【In more detail】